• The Case of the Missing Cookies

    Emma and Jake were twins who loved to solve mysteries. They had a detective club with their friends and they would take on any case that came their way. They had a notebook where they wrote down all the clues and suspects they found. They also had a magnifying glass, a flashlight and a walkie-talkie […]

  • The Lost Treasure of Atlantis

    Lila and Max were best friends who loved to explore. They had a map of the world on their wall and they would mark all the places they wanted to visit someday. One day, they found an old book in the library that told them about the lost city of Atlantis. According to the book, […]

  • The Little Boy With A Slingshot

    Once upon a time, there was a little boy who lived in a village. He had a slingshot that he loved to play with. He would go to the forest and practice his aim by shooting at birds and animals. He did not care if he hurt them or not. He just enjoyed hitting them […]

  • The Orange Boys in Shakespeare Garden

    Once upon a time, there were five orange boys and their names were Molan, Konan, Bolan, Gonan, and Shonan. They lived with their classical music boxes and their kind rabbits in the Shakespeare garden of central park. They loved to play with each other and make beautiful music. They also loved to read Shakespeare’s plays […]

  • The Fox and The Grapes

    One hot day, a fox was walking through a vineyard. He saw some ripe grapes hanging from a vine. He felt thirsty and hungry. He thought, “Those grapes look juicy and delicious. I will have them for my lunch.” He jumped up to reach the grapes but they were too high for him. He tried […]

  • The Lion and The Mouse

    One day, a lion was sleeping peacefully in his den. A mouse came by and saw him. He thought it would be fun to play with the lion’s tail. He ran up to the lion and started to nibble on his tail. The lion woke up and roared angrily. He caught the mouse in his […]