The Little Boy With A Slingshot

Once upon a time, there was a little boy who lived in a village. He had a slingshot that he loved to play with.

He would go to the forest and practice his aim by shooting at birds and animals. He did not care if he hurt them or not. He just enjoyed hitting them with his stones.

One day, he saw a beautiful bird sitting on a branch. He wanted to shoot it down. He took out his slingshot and aimed at the bird.

He pulled the string and released it. The stone flew towards the bird.

But he missed. The stone hit a beehive instead.

The bees were angry and came out of their hive. They saw the boy and attacked him.

The boy was scared and ran away. But the bees followed him.

They stung him all over his body. He cried out in pain.

He reached his home and told his mother what happened. She scolded him for being cruel to the animals.

She said, “You should not hurt anyone or anything without any reason. You should respect all living beings. You should learn from your mistake.”

She applied some honey on his wounds and gave him some medicine.

The boy realized his fault and felt sorry for what he did. He decided to change his ways.

He never played with his slingshot again. He never harmed any creature again.

He became kind and gentle to everyone. He made friends with the animals and birds in the forest.

He learned to love nature and appreciate its beauty.

He lived happily ever after.