The Lost Treasure of Atlantis

Lila and Max were best friends who loved to explore. They had a map of the world on their wall and they would mark all the places they wanted to visit someday. One day, they found an old book in the library that told them about the lost city of Atlantis. According to the book, Atlantis was a beautiful and advanced civilization that sank into the ocean thousands of years ago. The book also said that there was a hidden treasure somewhere in the ruins of Atlantis, waiting for someone brave enough to find it.

Lila and Max were fascinated by the story and decided to make it their mission to find the treasure of Atlantis. They packed their backpacks with some snacks, water bottles, flashlights and a compass. They also took the book with them as their guide. They sneaked out of their houses at night and rode their bikes to the harbor. There they found a small boat that looked sturdy enough to sail on. They climbed aboard and set off towards the horizon.

They sailed for hours until they saw a faint glow under the water. They looked at the book and realized that they had reached their destination. The glow was coming from the sunken city of Atlantis! They put on some diving suits that they had borrowed from a nearby shop and jumped into the water. They swam towards the glow and soon they saw an amazing sight: towering buildings made of marble and gold, statues of gods and goddesses, fountains and gardens full of colorful flowers and fish.

They explored the city with wonder and awe, admiring its beauty and mystery. They also looked for clues that would lead them to the treasure. They found some symbols carved on a wall that matched those in the book. They followed them until they reached a large temple with a huge door made of metal. The door had a lock with a strange shape that looked like a puzzle.

Lila and Max tried to solve the puzzle by moving some pieces around until they heard a click. The door opened slowly and revealed a dark chamber inside. They entered cautiously with their flashlights on. Inside they saw something that made their eyes widen: piles of gold coins, jewels, crowns, scepters and other precious objects glittering in the light.

They had found the treasure of Atlantis!

They were so happy that they hugged each other and cheered loudly. They decided to take some souvenirs with them as proof of their adventure. They filled their backpacks with as much treasure as they could carry and headed back to the boat.

They sailed back home feeling proud and excited about their discovery. They couldn’t wait to tell everyone about it.

But when they reached home, they realized something: no one would believe them!

They looked at each other and smiled.

Maybe it was better this way.

Maybe some secrets were meant to be kept.