Category: 0-5 year old

  • The Fox and The Grapes

    One hot day, a fox was walking through a vineyard. He saw some ripe grapes hanging from a vine. He felt thirsty and hungry. He thought, “Those grapes look juicy and delicious. I will have them for my lunch.” He jumped up to reach the grapes but they were too high for him. He tried […]

  • The Lion and The Mouse

    One day, a lion was sleeping peacefully in his den. A mouse came by and saw him. He thought it would be fun to play with the lion’s tail. He ran up to the lion and started to nibble on his tail. The lion woke up and roared angrily. He caught the mouse in his […]

  • The Wise Ant and The Lazy Grasshopper

    One summer day, a grasshopper was hopping around in the meadow, singing and playing his violin. He saw an ant carrying a grain of wheat to its nest. “Hey, ant, why are you working so hard?” he asked. “Come and join me. Let’s have some fun.” The ant shook its head and said, “I’m storing […]

  • The Magic Paintbrush

    Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Lily who loved to draw and paint. She had a big box of crayons and a set of watercolors that she used to create beautiful pictures of animals, flowers, and landscapes. She dreamed of becoming an artist someday and sharing her art with the world. […]

  • The Brave Prince and the Golden Egg-Laying Swan: A Tale of Adventure and Kindness.

    Once upon a time, in a beautiful kingdom, there lived a kind and generous king who ruled with fairness and justice. The king loved animals and had a big collection of exotic birds, but always wanted a golden egg-laying swan. The golden egg-laying swan was the most valuable and treasured bird that no-one has ever […]

  • The Magic Amulet: A Story of Siblings, Unicorns, and Helping Others.

    Once upon a time, there were two siblings named Mia and Max. They lived in a small village surrounded by lush forests and rolling hills. One full moon night, while they were playing in the woods, they stumbled upon a clearing and saw a beautiful unicorn grazing on some clovers. Mia and Max were amazed. […]